About The Author

Hello, and welcome! My name is Lily Fairweather, and I am a student at Virginia Tech. I am also the author of “To Moscow and Beyond.” I created this blog to deepen my and others’ knowledge of various aspects of Russia during the twentieth century. Many VATech_ScienceExcellenceDinner_2018-040individuals misunderstand the complexities of the Soviet Union, but learning of its history
is fundamental to developing a full picture of its politics, culture, and more.

While initially started as an assignment, this blog allows me to post about the facets of Soviet history that appeal most to me. As a result, readers will often find posts about women’s experiences in Russia. I support these topics through in-depth research with a wide variety of sources. These are either hyperlinked (if possible) or cited for readers.

I hope that you enjoy these posts as much as loved writing them!


Thank you,